STARVIKY Undetectable Mechanical Mouse Jiggler, Ultra-Slim Automatic Mouse Mover, with On/Off Switch and Random Interval Timer

About this item

  • 【Super Slim】 Different from the huge and bulky mouse shaker that is conspicuous in the market. We developed this ultra-thin mouse shifter. Its thickness is only 17 mm. Ultra-thin and stylish, it is not only inconspicuous but also helps to save desktop space.
  • 【Super Silent】To improve the noise problem of mouse vibrators from other companies, we developed and applied this compact ultra-quiet micromotor. When the mouse shaker works, it hardly makes any sound, which keeps you away from the annoying noise.
  • 【Super Suitable Movement】Through thousands of comparisons and tests of other mouse jiggler devices, combined with STARVIKY’s self-developed motor, we found the most suitable turntable speed. Make every movement of the product perfect. You can safely let it run by itself, so that save more time to do different needs, stay away from Burnout, be more efficient and free, and achieve the harmony and unity of life and work.
  • 【Super Simple Settings】Mouse Mover equipment has an adjustable interval timer, and the four settings are 10s/the 30s/3min/1-60s random. According to your setting choice, the mouse jitter board will work intermittently, which is closer to the real mouse movement, not a machine.
  • 【Super Undetectable】There are two connection methods: one is to plug the mouse jiggler device into a wall socket, completely separately from the computer, alone for independent use. The other is to connect the power cord of the moving mouse jig pad to the USB port of the computer. Then put the mouse on the rotating CD of mouse mover, and the mechanical mouse shaker will keep your laptop awake like a charm. The physical movement makes this quiet mouse mobile device 100% undetectable.
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